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A Cruel(la) Couple Costume

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

As Hunter and I sat in the theaters this year to watch the 2021 version of Cruella, (first of all, we loved this movie, we went in with little expectations and it blew us away) I immediately knew these new Cruella looks would be phenomenal costumes this year, especially as a couple costume since they portrayed Jasper as Cruella's love interest throughout the movie. So, I set out to build a costume that mixed our favorite looks from the new movie while still capturing the classic feel from the original 101 Dalmations.

This year, I didn't want to go out and buy an expensive costume that we will only wear once, I wanted to find pieces that will be part of our costumes but also has the ability to be worn with the rest of our wardrobe after Halloween is over. So, here are links to all of the pieces that made our Cruella and Jasper costumes!



For Cruella:

Cruella Costume Links:

Corset Top (I was most excited for this item!)

For Jasper:

Jasper Costume Links:


If you recreate this look for your future costumes,

make sure to tag us on instagram so we can see them!


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