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Urban Walls Decals

Updated: Feb 1

Renter Friendly Decals Double for Photoshoot Backdrops

Hi friends!!

A few months ago I went from our 3 story house with a two car garage to a studio that's less than 500 square feet. I love the size of it, however with a small space, it's so important to make use of every surface.


I went on a hunt for something that would be renter friendly, easy to remove, and (because I find myself constantly needing to change styles in our home) I wanted something quick and simple to change! Then, I came across Urban Walls! This company had everything I was searching for and more! The first one I selected was the Vintage Floral Decals and they are magical on top of these vibrant blue walls. I wanted something enchanting with character, and these florals fit the vibe I was in search of! The detail within these florals are absolutely incredible. They are heavy duty, and made of high quality materials. I was also pleasantly surprised at how life-like they were!


The application process was incredibly simple!

All you have to do is:

  1. Cut out the decals.

  2. Use double-sided tape to stick place them where you want (this is important because the decals only stick once).

  3. Peel off the back layer and stick the decal to the wall while rubbing over the surface of the decal to ensure there are no stubborn air bubbles.

  4. Peel off the top layer of paper covering the front of the decal.

  5. Vwa La! All done! It's really that simple!

Here is a stop-motion I filmed during the process of applying the Vintage Floral Decals.

My favorite part about this specific decal is that each floral is individual, so I was free to design the layout unique to my space. If you have a blank wall in your home that you want to add florals to, perhaps in a circular pattern around a round mirror... (as I'm typing this, I'm envisioning it and I think I might do something like this in our bathroom... and THIS is exactly how home decor ideas are born ;) ), you absolutely can!

You have the ability and freedom to create a wall bouquet for your own home.


The florals were so enchanting that I had to add a romantic touch to the room by adding the You Are My Forever decal from Urban Walls. I believe it is so important to love everywhere that you live. There is a stigma in society that if you don't own a house, you can't make it your home. However, I believe that everywhere you live is your home. When you walk through that door, you should feel an instant flow of comfort and satisfaction while looking at your living space. These decals are wonderful because they are renter friendly, with very easy, hassless removal, ensuring that if you get an itch for something new, you can remove these decals and apply new ones without any damage to your surfaces.

Here is a short, 3 minute video showing how I applied the You Are My Forever decal.

Very simple, quick and easy!


The combination of the Vintage Floral and You Are My Forever Decals were magical. Not only did these Urban Wall Decals bring life to this space, I am going to use this wall as a backdrop for photoshoots! With this pandemic, I have started to do more at-home shoots, however I felt limited at times because of the lack of creativity indoors, specifically because I am incredibly inspired by the outdoors. Urban Walls became like a Pinterest board of backdrops that I scrolled through to find the perfect decal to fit my ideas. Since they are easy to remove and change out for new ones, I found a new outlet for my creativity.

Bring your inspirations home, create beauty on every surface and indulge

your vision in every season of your creativity.

To see more staging of these decals, check out our instagram!


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