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At-Home Summer Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Happy Summer!

Now that one of my favorite seasons is here, I wanted to do an at-home photoshoot and today I'm taking you along with me!

Inspiration struck as I was making my weekly trip to the farmers market to pick up some fresh flowers. I kept my color selection bright and mainly full of pinks, yellows and purples. I found cute little daisies with white pedals and a yellow center and they inspired the whole idea behind this shoot.


The definition of the word "Wallflower" embodies what I was envisioning, and when I saw these tiny white flowers I knew they would be perfect! I found some glitter glue that I had left over from my Halloween Mermaid costume, coated the bottoms of the flower buds and to my surprise, they stuck perfectly to my cheeks!


For the set, I just hung up a plain white sheet and assorted the florals into three different bundles and secured them with a rubber band and hung them on a tack upside down. I just recently bought a Living Spaces Daybed Couch for our guest bedroom, which I have been crushing over for a while, and it was the perfect vibrant blue for this shoot. I also laid some on the arm rest and in between the pillow.


I threw on one of my favorite floral dresses from Vici Dolls. I used my Sony, 50mm f/1.8 lens and this is how they turned out...


and some moreee...


Also, I played around with some close ups and this is how they turned out!


Thanks for following along with me, I can't wait to see how your at-home photoshoots turn out!


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