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DIY - Teepee Backdrop

Updated: Feb 1

After posting our Spring photoshoot on Instagram, I was swarmed with questions about the featured teepee backdrop! My handsome husband built exactly what I had envisioned! The best part is... it was super easy (and cheap) to build so here is a quick guide on how to DIY it for your next shoot, picnic brunch or girls party!


We built this teepee for $38!


- Lace cloth of your choosing, I found mine on amazon. $13

Tools Needed:



-1 inch Router Drill Bit (the same size as your round wood dowel)


Step 1:

Line up the 1x4s and make sure that they are all flush with each other!

Step 2

Put a clamp on each end to keep the 1x4s in place when drilling.

Step 3

Mark where you want the hole - this is the location that the round dowel will go through.

Step 4

Drill a hole through all four 1x4s.

Step 5

Make sure your round dowel will fit snuggly through the hole.

Step 6

Cut a 45 degree angle on one end of each of the 1x4s ( the opposite end of the hole ).

Step 7

Place one end of your round dowel through two 1x4s and repeat to the other end. Wrap with the fabric of your choice.

Finished Product:

Travel Soon!
~Mr and Mrs Jones

1 Comment

Mindi Jean Bishop
Mindi Jean Bishop
Apr 25, 2021

Amazing! So well done and beautiful photos!

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