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Cataract Falls Trail ~ 45 Minutes North of San Fran

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This trail was gorgeous and the perfect day trip hike, being about 45 minutes North of San Francisco. If you follow the trail all the way through and back it is just shy of 7 miles. This is an intermediate trail filled with lots of stairs, so if you're in need of good leg day or booty work out, this is perfect for you!


The Cataract trailhead is nuzzled in the mountains near Bolinas and is a gorgeous drive, be prepared to see lots of redwoods!


Finding parking can be tricky near the this side of the trail head, however you start on the other side of the trail near the Rock Springs Trailhead Parking Lot there is plenty of parking, but disclosure; you will be going downhill to the falls and then back up if you start from this end.

Here is a quick photo dump of the trail and views from it, absolutely gorgeous and a booty killer!

We started the from the Cataract trailhead side which started with a view of Alpine Lake. About 2.8 miles into the hike you will come across several waterfalls and continuing through to about mile 4 will lead you to a wide open field with a picnic area with restrooms. Once we made it all the way through to where the trail let out near the Rock Springs Trailhead Parking lot, we walked up one of the hills to find a gorgeous view of the rolling mountains, the pacific ocean, and the golden gate bridge with San Francisco in the distance.


The trail was not busy at all, we passed maybe 20 people total.

We would recommend going on a cooler day as the incline will get your heart rate up!

All in all we loved this hike, and it was an easy day trip. It makes for gorgeous photos and was breathtaking the entire time (both literally and figuratively ;) ).

Travel Soon!
~Mr and Mrs Jones


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