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Lovebirds in Lake Tahoe

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Looking for a Romantic getaway amidst all the crazy that 2020 brought?

North Lake Tahoe has the coziest cabins with breathtaking

views to bring the focus back on you two.


Our first day: We arrived around 10pm on our first night, and rung in 2021 on a pier in Tahoe Vista, Ca.

If I'm being completely transparent, it was absolutely freezing but it was worth it for the shots! We weren't able to feel our fingers but kissing this stud warms me up and always gets me all giddy inside. ;)

Our fingers might have been frost bitten but thankfully a few yards from the pier was the sweetest little lodge. We stayed at The Franciscan Lakeside Lodge and our cabin had the coziest fireplace that we warmed up by every night.



Not only did we love the fireplace, but our cabin also had a full kitchen!

One of our favorite things to do together is cook, so having the ability to do so on our getaway made our trip all the more special! If you and your loved one don't cook often together, I highly recommend it for a date night!

Our recommendation is to find three new recipes; one for an appetizer, one

for an entree and one for a desert. Then go to the grocery store, shop

for ingredients together and then prepare your courses together.

A pretty table setting with a candle or two will make it even more romantic!

Flirt tip: Blind fold each other and do taste tests to make it even a little more fun! :)


Our cabin had an exquisite view of the lake, and it was a stormy weekend so we got to watch actual waves form on Lake Tahoe. It was a surreal feeling to wake up to this view, and the staff onsite were wonderful. We highly recommend this lodge for your next stay in Tahoe Vista.


Our second day: Looking for nearby attractions? 15 minutes northeast of Tahoe Vista is a charming little town called Truckee. We spent a day in this charming town, we went ice skating in the afternoon and headed downtown for an evening of shopping and food. We found the most amazing homemade sweets shop, and ended up going home with a big box of chocolates, and it was so worth it!


Our fourth day: We went snowboarding at the Squaw Valley Resort (TIP: they have an excellent military discount on lift tickets) and unfortunately we didn't get any photos, the only day we were going snowboarding, it was dumping snow! It made for the most gorgeous scenery but we were soaking after just a few hours. ;) Towards the afternoon we called it a day on the slopes and shopped in the resort gift shops. After picking out some fun souvenirs, we headed back to our fireplace and and watched the sunset over the lake, it was of course, breathtaking.


Our last day: We were itching to see the stone covered beaches that Tahoe is famous for, so we hopped in the car and headed about 30 minutes south to Sand Harbor Beach. It did not disappoint, we spent the rest of the day jumping and crawling form stone to stone seeking better focal points to view this masterpiece of this location.

TIP: If you visit during the winter, they offer the most adorable sleigh rides, which we highly recommend! Especially with some champagne or hot coco to complete a romantic moment for two. ;)

If you visit after the winter season, Sand Harbor beach provides kayaks and paddle boards to rent, they even offer guided tours of these crystal clear waters.

Take a look below to see a collage of our shots from our last day!

Overall, Lake Tahoe has been one of our most favorite places that we have seen in Northern California!

So, if you are tired of being cooped up during this pandemic and need a little time to bring the focus back on you and your loved one, take our advise and take a trip to Lake Tahoe!

"We travel not to escape life, for life not to escape us."

Travel Soon!

~Mr and Mrs Jones


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